People don’t seem to see garage door locks as important pieces of equipment. Unfortunately, garage door locks are frequently disregarded pieces of equipment for many homeowners.

More often than not, homeowners are quite content with whatever lock happens to be on their garage door at the time they purchase their house. And yet many home break-ins occur through garage doors.

So if you haven’t given your garage door lock much consideration in a while, now might be a good time to evaluate your lock – especially now as the future looks kinda “iffy,” with the outbreak of the coronavirus and people hoarding on the basics such as toilet paper and bottled water (just a personal note!). And that’s particularly true if your garage door still has the lock that was installed at the time of your home’s construction.

Your lock should be one of the following choices for garage door locks:

#1: Electronically-Operated Locks

Cutting-edge products of modern technology, electronic locks are opened with fingerprints rather than keys. Each lock can store many fingerprints in memory to permit access to multiple people.

Electronic locks are among the most expensive of locks. But they also offer the highest level of security that’s currently available in garage door locks.

#2: Keyless Digital Locks

No keys are required for these locks. Instead, they’re operated with a keypad into which the correct digital code must be entered. These locks not susceptible to picking or ‘jimmying’ methods, as are most mechanical locks, and so they offer a very high level of security.

Many manufacturers of digital locks, in fact, offer lifetime warranties against damages caused by intruders.

#3: Garage Door Deadbolts

Deadbolt locks for garages typically come in two styles, single cylinder and double cylinder.

Single cylinder garage deadbolts require a key to operate from the outside, and are operated with a knob from the inside. Double cylinder deadbolts require that a key be used on both the inside and the outside of the door.

Deadbolt-style locks are much more difficult for thieves to overcome than the spring-style lock that is prevalent on many garage doors.

#4: T-Handle Locks

These locks are most commonly used on garage doors of metal construction. T-handle locks are operated with keys. However the keys for these locks are uniquely shaped, and difficult to duplicate. And that makes these locks more difficult for burglars to overcome. This type of garage door lock is widely used here in El Paso by the majority of the home builders.

#5: Side-Mounted Bolt

Garage door side-mounted bolts are deadbolt-style locks that are mounted on the door track. It’s a type of lock that can’t be accessed from outside the garage door, even with specialized tools.

A side-mounted door bolt is a relatively simple and inexpensive lock. But it offers good bang-for-the-buck value in terms of the security it provides.

Regardless of which garage door lock you install – it’s ALWAYS a safe bet to invest in a good garage door lock to keep yourself and your family safe.

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