El Paso garage repair company

If you’re going the route of hiring a professional garage door service company, the average service fee is $80 per hour. This service would include a thorough inspection of your garage door. R&D Garage Door LLC, an El Paso garage door service provider, can do these adjustments on your door’s chain or belt tension, spring tension, door lubrication, and limits and force adjustments to put your garage door back in working order. However, this amount does NOT include the cost of parts that need replacement.

Here are some rates for common garage door repairs to give you an idea of the costs and expenses so that you can prepare your budget accordingly:

  • If the garage door will not open or close, there might be damages in the wheel tracks. Repairs can cost between $125 and $175.
  • Problems with the spring mechanism of your garage doors can be repaired by replacing the springs or cables. The costs range between $100 and $300 depending on the type of springs, size, weight, and material of your garage door.
  • When there are broken chains or cables that cause your garage door to bounce or fall quickly, the repair cost can be somewhat between $150 and $200. Some may say that chains or cables are relatively inexpensive parts but it is the labor and expertise that you are really paying for.
  • When you have a broken glass on your garage door, replacement and service fee would cost you around $75.
  • When there are large dents on your garage door that need to be fixed, expect to shell out approximately $75 for the job.
  • If a panel of your garage door needs to be replaced, it would cost you around $150 to $400.
  • If your circuit board needs replacement, garage door service providers typically charge $100 for the circuit board and reprogramming services needed for your controls.
  • Hinges and rollers can be replaced for an average of $10 each.
  • If it is the garage door itself that needs to be replaced, the average cost could be around $800 to $1,200 which includes the installation service. It could go cheaper or higher depending on the size and materials that you would choose for your new garage door. But the good thing about having a brand new garage door installed by a professional is that you are sure of its quality and durability thereby ensuring your safety and security.

If you have any questions regarding the costs, the process, etc of repairing or replacing your garage door parts, contact us for a free estimate.